Lawrence Lek is a speculative sculptor exploring the primal experience of utopian visions. Using the language of experimental prototypes and computer simulations, he makes prosthetics, pavilions and virtual worlds to construct a universe in a perpetual state of becoming real. Based at the White Building in London, he is part of the collective Hardcore Software.


Bonus Levels: Delirious New Wick

A utopian video game | Released Wednesday 12 March | Download from

Bonus Levels is a series of utopian video game worlds. The project collages together fragments of London into a continuously evolving virtual city. Here, the boundaries between private and public zones disappear, creating an environment of open access and free exploration.

Chapter 2 reimagines the zone surrounding London’s 2012 Olympic Park as a primal utopia of floating islands, abandoned stadiums and post-industrial monuments. Based on the physical maps of the area, the level brings together three histories of the area into a single virtual landscape: primordial forests, commercial regeneration strategies, and artist-run colonies.

As regeneration strategies and commercial property developments spread over East London, the player is invited to witness the conflict between the area’s past and its future.

Teleporter Pavilions beam the player into inaccessible areas of London – up into the voids of Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit tower and into the Velodrome flying over the sky.

Screenshots and downloads of the original game are available at

Victoria & Albert Museum - Hackney Wick Takeover - Friday 28th February 2014
Beta release at V&A Friday Late - Hackney Wick Takeover

6:30 – 9:30pm
Victoria and Albert Museum, London SW7 2RL


Prosthetic Aesthetics at Parasol Unit

7 – 9:30pm | Friday 7 March | A virtual tour of four fantasy versions of the white cube

"In this site-specific performance of 'Prosthetic Aesthetics', Lawrence Lek invites the audience to inhabit prosthetic devices that affect their perception of their environment. Through a guided meditation on aesthetics, he demonstrates how these inhabitable sculptures can augment our sense of vision and form. The objects call into question qualities that are not immediately apparent, creating a new architecture of the body that is both self and other."

Bodyscape | JocJonJosch + Lawrence Lek + Ilona Sagar
7 – 9:30pm | Friday 7 March
Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art
14 Wharf Road, London N1 7RW

K I $ $

KI$$ explores the digital representation of emotion through self-portraiture, 3d-printed fabrication and rendered sculpture. A video of the making of is available at Dazed & Confused.



A Collective Tower for Art Licks Weekend, 3rd - 6th October 2013

Bonus Levels celebrates the independent spirit of the galleries and artist-run spaces of Art Licks Weekend by bringing them together in a collaborative video game. The game revolves around a virtual tower that contains twenty-one galleries from across London, and the architecture and curatorial concept of each physical space is reflected in its virtual double.

From white cubes to dark performance spaces and psychogeographic maps, the game invites each player to explore an alternate reality. In this zone, light is saturated, sound is heightened and time and space collapse. As players explore, the tower becomes a mashup of perspectives for the digital flaneur. |



Art Licks Magazine, Issue 13



Barbican Centre Foyer, 5th - 31st August 2013



Thursday 2nd May 2013

'Pyramid Schemes' is a collaborative exhibition organized by Lawrence Lek and The White Review to showcase a collection of short stories about real and imaginary buildings. Drawing inspiration from the work of Victor Hugo, Apollinaire and Jorge Luis Borges, the project invites sixty contemporary artists and writers to submit 100-word texts that explore architectures of their own creation.

For one night only, an immersive installation at The White Building in Hackney Wick will shape the collected texts into a panoramic cityscape. Please join us on Thursday 2nd May from 7-10pm to celebrate the spectacle of this fictional city. A limited edition of fold-out artists’ books will be produced to accompany the event.

Darran Anderson ▲ David Bainbridge ▲ Anna Blair ▲ Jorge Luis Borges ▲ Martin Byrne ▲ Jen Calleja ▲ Steven Chodoriwsky ▲ S.J. Christmass ▲ Calvin Chua ▲ Holly Corfield-Carr ▲ Rishi Dastidar ▲ Adrian Dannatt ▲ Alexandre Dumas et al. ▲ Rachel Falconer ▲ Jon Ferguson ▲ Adam Nathaniel Furman ▲ Niall Gallacher ▲ Patrick Goddard ▲ Oliver Griffin ▲ Evan Harris ▲ Rye Dag Holmboe ▲ John Holten ▲ Matt Hutchinson ▲ Miranda Iossifidis ▲ Daniel Ivec ▲ Claire Jamieson ▲ Verity-Jane Keefe ▲ Clare Kirwan ▲ Miles Klee ▲ Alana Kushnir ▲ Léopold Lambert ▲ Patrick Langley ▲ Lawrence Lek ▲ Bella Marrin ▲ Dorrell Merritt ▲ Thomas More ▲ Amanda Oosthuizen ▲ Daniel Rourke ▲ Andi Schmied ▲ Jack Self ▲ Camila Sotomayor ▲ St. Augustine ▲ Viktor Timofeev ▲ Karen Whiteson ▲ Eley Williams ▲ Nathan Witt ▲ Alan Worn

The project continues themes explored in Lawrence Lek’s essay ‘Pyramid Schemes: Reading The Shard’, featured in The White Review No. 7 alongside works by Luc Tuymans and John Stezaker.

Supported by SPACE Studios and the White Building.


Wednesday 20th March 2013

Every night from the 20th March – 20th April, IF NOT NOW will take over the Legion TV website and replace it with a video loop that will play until the morning. The loops will come from a range of contributors, the inspiration being the night screen loops that television channels play when they close for the night.



Sunday 10th March 2013

BYOB - ‘Bring Your Own Beamer’ is a series of one-night exhibitions hosting artists and their projectors. As a kind of 'open-source' event format, it celebrates the moving image and explores how we interact with the virtual world. I organized at the White Building 18 artists took part in one that in Hackney Wick on 10th March 2013. More here.



Thursday 7th February 2013

T-R-E-M-O-R-S hosts a night of projected dreams and improvised construction at The Architecture Foundation, London. Featuring artists Daniel Swan, Lawrence Lek,Viktor Timofeev and Marie Kaus.



Saturday 19th January 2013


TWINS Installation





Site-specific installation, six channel audio, Watermans, London
November 17th 2012 - January 3rd 2013






Bedford Square, London, 2011
June - July 2011



Art and Social Activism, NYC
Nicholas Cohn Art Projects, 1st - 25th August 2012