Europa, Mon Amour (2016 Brexit Edition)

Site-specific simulation, video, 2016

With the UK cast out of the EU, Dalston has degenerated into post-apocalyptic delirium. This is a drowned world of the near future, filled with the ruins of metropolitan life: forgotten nightclubs, DIY art installations, neon-lit music venues, Election booths, Turkish snooker clubs and luxury penthouses.

Building upon Lek's original project for Open Source 2015, this site-specific simulation brings together multiple histories of the area into a single zone. As the player roams around, fragments of European voices appear: samples from Alain Resnais’ Hiroshima, Mon Amour and Lars Von Trier's Europa speak to them about the nature of dislocation. It is a gradual, but relentless, meeting of past, present, and future that comes with any form of geopolitical transformation.

Originally commissioned for Open Source Festival, May 28-29 2016, Gillett Square, Dalston, London


Exhibition at Open Source Festival


Written and programmed
by Lawrence Lek

by Joni Zhu

Thanks to Marie D’Elbee and Helen Nisbet

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Europa, Mon Amour is part of Bonus Levels, a series of site-specific virtual worlds.
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