Bold Tendencies, London
30 May - 21 September 2019

FTSE (Farsight Stock Exchange) is a multimedia installation that imagines the architecture of decentralised financial services in an emerging age of smart cities. Set in a future London, the project revolves around Farsight Corporation: a fictional Anglo-Chinese technology company who acquire the Bold Tendencies car park site and repurpose the building for their inaugural real-estate bid.

Visualised through a fully interactive video game, Farsight propose FTSE, a prototype FinTech accelerator, housed within a pound (£) shaped skyscraper that soars a thousand feet into the air. Constructed on top of the existing car park, the tower contains algorithmic trading floors, FinTech incubators, server farms, penthouse lounges and smart-tech art galleries. Installed at the entrance to Bold Tendencies, visitors are invited to explore for themselves the digital world of Farsight Stock Exchange.

︎︎︎Bold Tendencies

Installation Views

Photo: Damian Griffiths


Concept, Architecture and Programming
Lawrence Lek

Additional Architectural Design
Finbarr Fallon

Virtual World
Robin Simpson

Seth Scott

Interaction Design
Robert Prouse

Thanks to
Hannah Barry, Diana Córdoba Barrios , Charlie Mills, Tom Kelly, Marianna Turri

Video Game Trailer

Walkthrough of the game

Related Projects

FTSE is part of a wider Sinofuturist fictional universe where the AI conglomerate Farsight Corporation develops art and entertainment. They also appear in:
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︎︎︎ the site-specific VR installation Play Station (2017).
︎︎︎ the video game series 2065 (2018-ongoing).

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